All dyeing is undertaken at customers’ own risk. Please read this carefully.

Whilst the greatest care is always taken when mixing up our dyes to match your chosen colour, the fact remains that we can never achieve a 100% colour match, due to the vast range of materials used in making fabric shoes and bags. Different manufacturers use different fabrics, some use pure white some use off white. Sometimes this causes the dye to distort and separate, and may leave watermarks. Therefore we cannot guarantee a perfect finish all the time, or control the way the fabric dries.

There may also be a colour difference when matching up the dye, due to the different light used when dyeing, and the time of day when dyeing or viewing. For example the same colour seen in direct sunlight will be different when seen under electric light. Please note all dyeing is done under electric light.

Any damages that are already present on the shoes or bags, such as scratch marks, glue stains etc., may show through after they are dyed. Once the products have been dyed, a second coat can be applied at the customer’s request but this may make them darker or change the colour completely and may even cause patches to occur. Baboucha cannot be held liable if this occurs.

Silk is a natural fibre. The weaving of this fabric may therefore contain minor variations and irregularities that are the characteristic of fine yarn and therefore should in no way be treated as defective. The results of dyeing this fabric may vary.

Leather dyeing is only a surface dye and this may crack or peel off in extensive wear. These dyes are intermixable and are also available to be seen on our colour charts.

I have read the above information and have been told about possible problems that may occur during dyeing. Notwithstanding the above, I am prepared to take the risk.

Please print a principal version of this disclaimer by using the link below and fax it or send it via post to Baboucha Shoes & Bags.

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