Bridesmaid Wedding Shoes

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Champagne was flowing at shoe shop, Baboucha, in the high street, Barnet, On Wednesday, when proprietor, Arty Achilleos and his staff, celebrated the Royal Wedding.

Mr Achilleos had a special interest in the event, as he was the person responsible for making the bridesmaid’ shoes.

As the bridesmaids’ dresses, were ankle length, the staffs at Baboucha were able to get a good look at the shoes, which were made of the same silk as the Peach dresses.

They noticed that a bow had been added to each shoe, which, said Mr Achilleos was probably the work of dress designer, Lindka Clerach.

Although it was a normal working day for Baboucha, Mr Achilleos brought in a television and a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate the event, and invited the neighbours in for a glass or two!
I thought the bride’s dress was stunning” said Mr Achilleos.
“Many long standing customers have already been in the shop to congratulate us on our work, and its been a great day”


Pictured, left to right, is Bambos Charalambous, who stitched the shoes, Dino Ioannou, Arty Achilleos, shoe designer and Spiros Mina, Who put the finished article’s together and was also responsible for making Princess Diana’s shoes on her wedding day.