All Eyes on the Wedding

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While all eyes were focused on “the” gown last Wednesday, at the news it was eyes down for a glimpse of the Royal brides Shoes. Though for most of the time they were concealed by the flowing, ivory satin skirt of the duchess of York’s dress, we can reveal that the shoes were made by Manolo Blahnik of 49, Old Church Street, South-West London, in ivory duchess satin, to match the dress. Embroidered-bows at the back, bees and plenty of beading, adorned the low-heeled courts, The bridesmaids’ shoes were of a less intricate nature, but none the very less very pretty, in peach silk with a half inch leather heal, leather sole and instep strap,

Baboucha of 218 high street Barnet, Hertfordshire, received the Royal order for the four pairs of shoes through their wholesalers, Glanville Sharpe,

Mrs. Lisa Sharpe was asked to provide the shoes by the designer of the dress, Lindka Cierach, and she gave the order to Baboucha, Arty Achilleos, the proprietor of Baboucha, made the shoes
with the help of stiros mina, one of the two people working at Baboucha. Stiros also helped to make the wedding shoes for the princess of Wales when he was employed at Clive Shilton.

The two page boys at the wedding wore shoes specially commissioned from start rite shoes in Norwich.

They were commissioned to make the black “Cromwell” shoes complete with gold buckles for the Royal occasion, which were worn by Sarah’s brother, Andrew and princess Anne’s and captain mark Phillips’ son peter.